fly-fish|ing «FLY FIHSH ihng», noun.
fishing with natural or artificial flies as bait.

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  • fly-fish·ing — /ˈflaıˌfıʃıŋ/ noun [noncount] : the activity of catching fish by using artificial flies do some fly fishing He plans to go fly fishing this weekend …   Useful english dictionary

  • fly-tying — fly ty·ing (flīʹtī ĭng) n. The art or hobby of making artificial fishing flies.   flyʹ ti er ( tī ər) n. * * * ▪ fishing       the hobby or business of imitating the live food of gamefish by attaching various materials to a hook. Most often used… …   Universalium

  • fly-fishing — /fluy fish ing/, n. Angling. a method of fishing in which fly casting is used. [1645 55] * * * ▪ sport Introduction       method of angling employing a long rod, typically 7 to 11 feet (2 to 3.5 metres) in length, constructed of carbon fibre,… …   Universalium

  • fly-cast — fly′ cast v. i. cast, cast•ing hua spo to fish with a fly rod and an artificial fly as a lure, casting the fly with a whiplike motion of the rod and a length of line pulled from the reel before the cast • Etymology: 1885–90 …   From formal English to slang

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  • flyfishing — fly|fish|ing [ˈflaıˌfıʃıŋ] n [U] the sport of fishing in a river or lake with special hooks that are made to look like flies …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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